This is for you…

Do you long to explore your womb twin or vanishing twin survivor experience in a safe space?

Would you like to transform your struggles into opportunities for healing?

Are you looking for someone to support you in an embodied way to share your story, honour your twin, feel at home in your body and step into your own passion and purpose?

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Womb twin survivor journey program

Together with your input, we create a 12 week program that best suits you and your needs. It includes 1:1 online sessions and supportive tasks. Giving you the time and space you deserve to process your womb twin and vanishing twin survivor experience and step into your own. The more you are able to invest in this program the more you will receive from it.

Mindful mornings

Join me and other womb twins for guided mindful mornings where I facilitate a safe space and time for you to check in with your bodies, offer yourselves compassion for where you are at, tap into your inner wisdom, get a sense for the qualities you could do with more of, welcome that into the day and week ahead and express gratitude for blessings in our lives.

Moving Mournings

These small group sessions offer us the opportunity to move and express and release the grief and loss we have for our lost twin in a way that honours us and honours our twin. We may gain new insight as we allow our inner wisdom to arise through movement. We both move and witness others moving and share our reflections as we heal together.

About me

My name is Lisa, I am a womb twin survivor and embodiment facilitator offering transformational sessions for other womb twin and vanishing twin survivors.

I am a qualified dance movement psychotherapist with a background in curriculum development. I combine these passions to create 12 week programs designed specifically to suit each client and their unique struggles.

Programs support a healing transformation, from feeling stuck with prenatal trauma and loss, to embracing the body and how it is now with compassion, so that it is safe for the trauma to transform and you are able to create a way forward that supports you and your passion and purpose.



Malvern, United Kingdom

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