Lisa Bodenstein

My name is Lisa, I am a womb twin survivor, embodiment facilitator and dance movement psychotherapist offering transformational sessions for other womb twin survivors and those struggling with vanishing twin syndrome.

I only found out that being a ‘womb twin survivor’ was an actual ‘thing’ in my 30’s. It was then that I began piecing together with more earnest my own story and struggles and blessings on this journey.

I hear from many clients that their previous therapists either didn’t think that their womb twin survivor struggles were a real issue or were unsure how to support them through it. It is for this reason that I am passionate to reach out to as many vanishing twin syndrome and womb twin survivors and as possible. Particularly to those who would like to explore their journey in an embodied and healing way.

You are not crazy!

There are very real struggles linked to being a womb twin survivor or someone with vanishing twin syndrome!

You do not need hard evidence for your experience to be real -you will know deep inside of you and it is time to start trusting your inner wisdom!

You do not need to struggle alone-there is help out there.

The beauty of working in an embodied way means that we can process verbally and nonverbally with the body to help tend to the prenatal trauma that is still stuck in your body. It is important that we create a safe space for you to process the intense emotions linked to this loss. This allows the emotions, behaviours and our body to shift, transform and release the trauma that you didn’t yet have words for at such a tender phase of development.

If any of this resonates with you then I encourage you to take the bold move to reach out and get in touch. I would be honoured to support you in exploring your experience and finding a new sense of connection, hope and healing.

PARENTS – I also welcome parents who feel or know they have lost a child of a multiple pregnancy to get in touch. There is also room here for your loss to be expressed and to find hope filled ways to explore this loss with your surviving child. While they are not yet up and running, I am hoping to look into developing programs suited to you and your needs as well. Please do get in touch.

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