You are not crazy

I hear from many clients that their previous therapists either didn’t think that their womb twin survivor struggles were a real issue or were unsure how to support them through it. It is for this reason that I am passionate to reach out to as many vanishing twin syndrome and womb twin survivors and asContinue reading “You are not crazy”

Moving messages

Sometimes creating art with nature offers us the chance to both share a tribute and receive new insight. So much gratitude for nature. I look back to a day when words were not enough…a day when I was filled with a deep longing to both mourn and give thanks at the same time…a day whenContinue reading “Moving messages”

Why the blog?

A brief little intro and some flowers to brighten up your day (or night, which ever it may currently be) I am a womb twin survivor and psychotherapist who only found out that being a ‘womb twin survivor’ was a ‘thing’ well into my 30’s. I have started this blog because its important that moreContinue reading “Why the blog?”

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